Managing Committee:

Details of the Members of the Management Committee

S. No Name Educational qualifications Professional occupation Designation
01 M N Raju M.A, M.Ed. Educationist Chairman
02 MS Ravi Varma M.A Educationist Vice-chairman
03 Smt Ranganayakammaa B.OL & TPT Teaching Profession Member


MNR Educational Trust

Sri. M.S. Ravi Varma

MNR Educational Trust

Dr. I.V. Radha Krishna Murthy

Director (Education)

Dr. G.Satyanarayana


Governing Body for the academic year 2017 – 18 & 2018 - 19:

  • Prof. K Durga Bhavani, Dept. of English, Osmania University Nominee.
  • Dr. I.V. Radhakrishna Murthy, Director, M.N.R. Educational Trust.
  • Sri M.N Raju, Correspondent. M.N.R. Educational Trust.
  • Dr. G.Satyanarayana, Principal.
  • Dr. K. S. Prabhakaram, Professor & HOD, M.Ed. Dept.

Associations formed:

  • Faculty Association.
  • Parent Teacher Associations.
  • Alumni Association.
  • Anti-Raging Committee.

MAS (Mandatory Affidavit System) submitted to NCTE-TeachR on 31.08.2017

Establishment of M.Ed: 04.08.2006